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Discover the perfect vaping experience with our 510-Thread Vape Cartridges. Our collection includes a wide variety of options, ranging from indica-dominant to sativa-dominant, as well as hybrid, high-THC, and high-CBD vapes that seamlessly fit with 510-thread batteries.


Rest assured, our vape cartridges are crafted with your safety in mind. They are heavy metal free and free from pesticide residues, ensuring a clean and pure vaping experience. The true ceramic cartridge design guarantees optimal flavor delivery, allowing you to enjoy the distinct taste, aroma, and terpene profiles of each variant.


At Pegasus420, we cater to the preferences of the everyday consumer. With multiple strains to choose from, our vape cartridges provide flavorful and effective results. Each cartridge contains 1.1g of pure delta 9 THC distillate, boasting an impressive 99% concentration. They are carefully sealed and packaged for safe shipping, ensuring a premium and secure delivery.


For those seeking a more euphoric experience, our sativa-oriented vape carts deliver just that. Indica-based carts offer sedation, relaxation, and tranquility within minutes, while our hybrid options bring the best of both worlds. The choice is yours to make, tailored to your desired effects.


- THC Content: 1.1ml of Delta-9 Distillate per Refill Cartridge
- THC Concentration: 91 - 99%
- Terpene Concentration: 7%
- Product: Cartridge with a 510 Thread


Our commitment to purity remains steadfast. Our vape cartridges contain no PG, no VG, no synthetic terpenes, and no cutting agents. We prioritize your health and aim to provide an authentic and clean vaping experience.


Explore the realm of high-quality vaping with our 510-Thread Vape Cartridges. Shop now and elevate your enjoyment with Pegasus420.

Wedding Cake | 510 Thread Cartridge 1.1ml

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